Dry red spots on face?

Have your MD look. It most likely is not something serious, but it is hard to give you a good answer without a photo. Avoid excessive sun exposure, and try a moisturizer to help with the dryness. If the problem is rosacea, eczema or other common problems your doctor can probably suggest some other treatments which will help.

Related Questions

How can I get rid of ugly red spots on face?

It depends on what. The spots are. These lesions would likely need to be examined and more history obtained to be able to provide you with useful input about the diagnosis or possible treatment.

Red spots on face, mostly shows up left side and around my outer mouth area after shower never had this I'm 25 in good health what could this be?

Perioral dermatitis? Based on your description this might be perioral dermatitis which is a very common breakout in adult females near the mouth. I would recommend an evaluation by a dermatologist to confirm your diagnosis. We have very good prescriptions treatments that can help it significantly.

7 year old son has developed pink/red spots on face and chest. A few days ago he vomited through the night but has since appeared well. Should I worry?

Facial rash... A rash can't be diagnosed without an exam. It is good that your son is acting well; however, to determine the cause of the rash (petechiae from vomiting, maybe?), he should be seen by his pediatrician.

I have dry and sensitive skin, my face gets really hot, itchy, irritating and also big red spots appear on both my cheeks, what can the problem be?

Rosacea. Make sure you are not allergic to your makeup. Having fillings in teeth can also cause these issues. Clinically be checked to make this is not rosacea if so need prescription for metrogel.

I feel my face dry all the time. Sometimes itches and red spots appear, even without being washed or in contact with face creams. What can I do?

Rosacea? If the rash does not cross the bridge of the nose and you tend to flush a lot, the rosacea is the likely cause. Often a Rx antibiotic cream may help but oral antibiotic may also be needed. Talk to your doctor or consult a dermatologist.