What medication is best for knee pain?

Best Medicine. The best medicine is the cheapest medicine that works for you that has the least risk of causing you other problems. Start with tylenol, (acetaminophen) then local meds like otc antiinflammatory, prescription versions like voltaren gel or pennsaid, then oral meds like motirn or aleve, then low dose opioids like vicodin or Lortab 2.5 to 5mg, then adding snri like Cymbalta or pamelor, then higher doses of opioids.
Other options. Depending on what is actually wrong with the knee, non-medicinal options can include ice therapy, exercises to strengthen the quadriceps muscles of the front thigh, injections of prolotherapy into the affected ligaments around the knee, intra-articular injections of steroids or hyaluronic acid (the jelly stuff).
First things first. Before you go past treatment of knee pain with an ace-type wrap and over the counter drugs, if pain persists then you need an evaluation. The cause of your pain may not even be in your knee, and self treatment can produce worsening of symptoms or other complications. Please get an evaluation of your knee pain by a qualified Doctor, and then plan treatment with him/her.

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