Gerd symptoms include something stuck in throat?

Can be ... If you "feel" that there is something "stuck" there but not really i.e. You are not drooling saliva, then yes, this symptom, called globus sensation, can be an extra-intestinal manifestation of gerd. If food really is getting stuck, then you need to see an GI specialist quick and get scoped to make sure it is nothing serious.

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Do GERD symptoms include feeling something stuck on your throat?

Maybe. This is a very common complaint amongst patients with gerd, but is poorly understood. There is definately the sensation something is stuck there, but typically nothing really is. It probably has to do with abnormal sensory input form the pharynx and upper esophageal sphincter. In any case, its certainly not dangerous. If you want to check out your gerd, see your doctor. Read more...