How long to smoke after wisdom teeth extraction?

Varies. Well, the best answer is that you should never smoke again! however, for a simple wisdom tooth extraction, about 5 days is usually ideal. If the extraction was surgical and complicated, a little longer would be helpful. Most people, however, start smoking the same day, regardless of what their doctor said, & they often have problems healing. Do your best to stop for as long as you can! good luck.
Never. The one great thing you can do for your health is to stop smoking! use this time off from smoking as a start to completely stop! best io luck!
> 24 Hours. Smoking after any extraction of a tooth can result in postoperative problems, especially the dreaded dry socket. The longer you can refrain from smoking, the greater the opportunity for proper wound healing in the extraction site.
When do youWant Pain. Smoking has chemicals that can get into the healing socket and tear up the healing tissue = pain. The area needs to heal without this interferance.