Can you start the birth control pill at any time?

It depends. It depends on whether you can be sure you're not pregnant--no sex in the last month, consistent birth control. If no risk of pregnancy, you can do a "quick start" and start anytime. Many doctors advise starting on the first day of a period. Use back up birth control for 7 days if you start anytime other than day 1 of your period.

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Is it ok to take the birth control pill at a different time, at the start of a new month?

Yes. You can change the time of day you take bcp when you start a new pill pack. You just need to be consistent with the time of day you take the pill in a given pack to get the best pregnancy prevention, and to have less chance of getting break through bleeding.

Do you really have to take your birth control pill at the same time every day for it to work?

Preferably. As with any medication, maintaining a circadian (daily) rhythm helps maximize the efficacy of ocps too. That does not mean that you should stress out about a couple of hours off each day, rather make a habit of taking them with breakfast daily. If you miss one day, take two the next.

Can I take my birth control pill at a different time each month. 7pm one month, 8am the next month? Alesse 28 bc pill

Yes. It doesn't matter what time of day you take the pill, but once you decide on a time you should take your pill about the same time every day to minimize the risk for breakthrough bleeding.

I have been bleeding for 17 days now. How do I get it to stop? What could be wrong with me? I take lessina birth control pill at the same time every d

See your doctor. Symptoms and concerns like these mandate a thorough evaluation by your doctor. Only after such an evaluation, which may include labs and radiographic examinations, can he/she let you know what's going on and how best to help you.
See your GYN. Breakthrough bleeding on ultra-low dose pills is not uncommon. Presuming you are not pregnant, your gyn may be able to prescribe some supplementary estrogen on a short term basis to correct the problem. If it recurs frequently a change to a different formulation of birth control pill may be in order.

Chances of getting pregnant when taking birth control pill at same time daily and using pull out method every time?

Very, very little. Wouldn't worry. In real life, a woman properly taking birth control pills has a very low chance of pregnancy. Combine that with the "pull-out" method, and she will have very, very little chance of pregnancy. Life can be surprising sometimes, so in the rarest of occasions a woman in such a situation might become pregnant... but that's life.