When I take a deep breath I have pain in my left shoulder and lung?

Perhaps serious. There are a variety of things that could cause this. If it just started happening hours or minutes ago and it is getting worse, seek immediate medical attention because it could be a heart attack or a pulmonary embolism. If it has been happening for a longer period of time, it might just be a muscle strain or broken rib.

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Sharp left shoulder pain. Hurts more when I take a deep breath, lie down or get up. I can move my left arm with no pain. No physical signs of trauma.

Not clear. Typically if pain is related to movement it is muscle related. You need to also consider pneumonia or in your age range to consider, though unlikely, a blood clot especially if you are on birth control. Heart disease or inflammatory diseases are something to consider although less likely. See your doctor for a full exam and history. . Read more...

Top of left shoulder and muscles that connect to clavicle hurt when I take deep breaths. Slight elbow pain as well. Lung cancer? Muscular?

Probable muscular. Any trauma? Neck problems? Pinched nerve? Scoliosis? Pain that worsens with muscle movement such as deep breathing typically are related to skeletal or muscular issues. Discuss spine and disk problems with you doctor. Read more...