I have been on Suboxone almost 3 years. I have no desire to go back to a life of addiction. My problem : I have severe pain, what can I do?

Some clues. Useful to categorize location, pattern, and underlying etiology of pain, as there are different therapies which do work to control issues without need for major analgesics. As example, pain may be due to small fibre neuropathy in diabetes, or underlying fibromyalgia, or perhaps arthritis, and these are all managed with specific interventions, not narcotics! discuss this with pain management doc.
Good question . If truly have chronic pain with identifiable pathology not relieved or cured with non-narctotic therapy, and doctor has decided medicinal pain management in the best option, can try to increase suboxone dose. They are many other ways to treat chronic pain. Not all work as fast as meds, so have to be patient, believe in yourself, have a positive outlook and don't give up early.