What is the best treatment for endometriosis?

Excision. I have to respectfully disagree with dr. Beard. While 80% of patients have pain relief while on lupron, (leuprolide) over half of all patients have a recurrence of pain within a year, some after 6 mos. Complete excision of endo can be done without removing any reproductive organs, and has a 80% chance of curing endo with no recurrence of endo. There are no hormonal side effects like Lupron (leuprolide) has.
What's your goal. Treatment while maintaining fertility- Lupron (leuprolide) is best. Average relief is 4.5 years. Surgical excision about 3 years when done by the most trained physicians. Before Lupron (leuprolide) is started i'd be sure of this as the cause. Pregnancy followed by breastfeeing shuts down endometriosis for several years if the breastfeeding is for 6 months or more. Hysterectomy with ovary removal is the permanent solution.

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What is the best treatment for endometriosis? What is the recommended treatment for endometriosis? Are there options other than surgery? .

Hello.. Hello. I can't say what treatment would be best for you. In additional to surgery, other options include birth control via patch, pill or ring. This can help to decrease the amount of endometrial tissue and decrease pain. If you are not allergic to non-steroidal anti- inflammatory medications consider Motrin or a similar medication. There are stronger hormone therapies if the first steps are not sufficient.
There. There are general points which should be taken into consideration when helping a woman decide which treatment option to go for. These should include:. The severity of the symptoms • the type of symptoms • the age of the patient • the desire to get pregnant or not • length of treatment • coping with side-effects of drug treatment • cost.

What is the best treatment plan for endometriosis? I am 22yo and had laparoscopy to remove scar tissue & adhesions. How do I control pain? I'm on bc pill

Close follow up. You are female and have endometriosis. Having your doctor do close follow up to see what works for you. The birth control pills will hopefully help. But having a doctor who knows you well can be the best advise. In the future as new issues arise, having a doctor who knows you well will be the best treatment plan.
Tx after lap/ endo. If your not planning to conceive, the best approach after laparoscopy would be to treat with 6 month course of Lupron therapy. You may then consider Nexplanon, depoprovera or a Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud. Ocp's is an option, but not a good one to controll endometriosis.

What is the best hormone treatment for mild endometriosis after surgery (2nd cyst/surgery. Surgeon recognized endo.) and first time treatments?

Birth Control Pills. The best actual "treatment" for endometriosis is laparoscopic excision (cutting out) of all endometriosis - remembering that endometriosis can have many different looks other than the "classic dark spots". If it is all excised then there is no need for further treatment. If however there is endometriosis still present, the easy first line treatment is birth control pills.
Endometriosis. Endometriosis is when the cells lining the uterus move to other remote locations and grow. They respond to the same hormones that stimulate the lining of the uterus to grow, namely estrogen. Therapies work by decreasing estrogen stimulation. These include ocp, Lupron (leuprolide) with add back and femara. Ocp given in a continuous fashion is the best first line treatment.