How to cure ourself when heart attack coming and nobody around?

No self CPR!! Take Aspirin if available and do not hesitate to seek help from any one around. Availability of defibrillator and getting to a hospital pronto is key. If you are in a deserted island with no one around lie down, meditate or pray and hope for the best. No you cannot do your own CPR because, if you could you don't need one.
No cure but... There is no cure that you can self provide... But call 911 and chew 325mg of aspirin. There is some anecdotal evidence for continuous low intensity coughing as well.

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Is there no cure for paralysis, my father in law is 80 yrs old and he had a paralysis attack and heart attack together on last 6th april 2012?

No cure. He had a myocardial infarction and secondary stroke, and the best you can hope for is success in a rehab program and prevention of future events. At the age of 80, this is not an unexpected sequence of events. His risk factors need control, and meds to prevent future events should be on board.
Paralysis. Heart attack can result in clot formation on the inside of the heart. The clot can travel to brain and cause paralysis. The paralysis is usually irreversible, however improvement may occur slowly over months. There is no direct cure for paralysis.