Hidden cervix after leep difficult to do smear test?

Sometimes. Many things can make doing a pap smear difficult. If the uterus is severely tilted, displaced, or removed (partial or supra cervical hysterectomy); visualizing the cervix may be difficult. Relaxed vaginal walls, scarred or shortened cervix, or even body size are more common reasons for a "hidden" cervix. Most gyns know the tricks to find the cervix, just find one more stubborn than your cervix!

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Hidden cervix after leep difficult to do smear test. What can I do?

Short Cervix. After a leep procedure, it is not unusual to have a shortened cervix that may be challenging for your doctor to evaluate. Unfortunately, how your body responds to the surgery is something that you may not have control of. If your pap smear has inadequate cells because of stenosis (closed cervix), some hormonal cream may be applied to facilitate the opening of the cervix. Read more...