How do I overcome my premature ejaculation? I have tried excersies pills creams and the stop and start methods. What can I do?

Doctor . You should have a psychiatric evaluation for a solution such as meds.
PE. I have tried a few strategies for my patients to help delay the pe. Using a condom with a numbing medication inside the condom desensitizes the the penis and will help to delay the time till ejaculation. Once the condom is off, the medication wears off in about 1/2 an hour. Another approach is using the side effect of a prescription medication such as zoloft or Paxil (paroxetine) to delay the ejaculation.
Difficult challenge. Pe, when defined, can be treated by numbing creams, barrier contraception to decrease sensation, and behavioral feedback. If that fails, medications in the antidepressant family can help improve ejaculatory latency time. The last option is surgical therapy but should be a last resort. A urologist specializing in this issue should get you some help.