What is recovery time laminectomy and fusion surgery?

This varies as to . The type of fusion done, number of levels involved as well as the type of instrumentation ( if any) that was used. In general, assuming normal healing ( not smoking, not a diabetic, not a revision surgery, not hypothyroid or malnourished) usually after several months for most activities with fusion 6 months to a year to all activities -closer to a year for activities like golf.
6 m to 1 year. There are phases to recovery. The soft tissues around your spine will heal in 3-4 months. Pain from the surgery is better in 6 weeks. The bony fusion can take 6-12 months to finally solidify. Most patients don't appreciate their final result/outcome from that surgery until about a year after. Smoking slows recovery so stop if you are a smoker. Good nutrition always helps.
Recovery time varies. Recover time will vary depending on many factors including age, general health of the patient, infection control, blood sugar control, the exact type of procedure, and post-operative and follow up care. Discuss it with your surgeon and get their opinion as to what they feel is a reasonable recovery time for you.