Why do I still get cysts when taking birth control pills?

Lots of types cysts. There are lots of different types of ovarian cysts--some that come and go on their own, some that are associated with hormone imbalances likes polycystic ovary syndrome, others that grow, and others that may even be cancer. So it depends. Ask your doctor to explain to you what type you had and how it affects your fertility. Birth control pills stop some kinds of cysts but not all.

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Taking birth control pills for almost 2 yrs after a 7.5 CM cyst was removed. Never miss a pill. Still get painful cysts every month. Why is this?

It depends what pill. U are taking I would rec u take the pill continuously because that should suppress any ovarian cyst formation, if you are on a 21-7 pill and take the 7 pills at the end and have a period those 7 days are enough to permit a cyst to form if you are not going to take the pill continuously then you should be on a pill like loloestrin where u are only off the pill for 2 days so a cyst shouldn't form.

What should I do about my ovarian cyst I'm taking on birth control pills my menstrual cycle I really want to know because I real I want to get pregnant?

Discuss with Gynecol. Ovarian cysts do not cause any problem with your menstrual cycle and do not cause you not to be pregnant. Treatment of ovarian cyst depends on the size and any associated symptoms. I will suggest you discuss your concerns with your gynecologist as he/she can answer your question.

I get persistent cysts on my left ovary. Birth control pills give me migraines & I'm concerned about depo. Can they just remove that ovary?

Ovarian Cysts. Treatment depends on the type of cysts one has. For example women may have a condition called polycystic ovarian syndrome which causes many cysts in the ovaries and other complications. The treatment of this would be different from other types of cysts. It is necessary to have a complete physical and evaluation to determine the cause of the cysts and then treatment can follow.
Ovarian cysts. The ovary will create a cyst every month during ovulation in women of reproductive age. This is a normal function of the ovary. If this cyst is large (greater than6 cm)it may cause pain. If the cyst on ultrasound looks simple (no particles in it just fluid) we can observe and usually resolve spontaneously. Studies have looked at pill vs no pill for dissolving the cyst and there is no difference.