If you have ovarian cancer does it show blood in urine test?

No it does not unles. No it does not show blood in urine, unless there is metastasis in kidney, or tumor pressing on urinary tract structure.

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What to do if I want to know why some women get blood in thier urine with ovarian cancer?

Cancer spread. Unfortunately, ovarian cancer is usually not detected until it has already spread and involved other organs. If it has involved the bladder you will usually see blood in the urine. Read more...

What the test for ovarian cancer? Ultrasound or blood test

Several tests done. Pain and bloating can be signs of ovarian cancer, but they can be just from a painful period. Ovarian cancer would be more likely in older women, like 40+ years, and most likely in women 70+ years. Other tests, like pelvic exam, ca-125, and transvaginal ultrasound would be needed. The ultimate way to know is surgery to see if it is in fact, a tumor of something else. Read more...