How long will I be non-weight bearing after a hammer toe repair?

Weight bearing ok. It is very rare that you would have to be no-weight bearing after hammertoe repair. Sometimes a pin needs to cross a joint that your doctor may not want you to step on, or a bone cut m, ay need to be made in your metatarsal to help re-align the toe. In that case you may need to stay off foot for couple of weeks. You can then step down on the heel with a special shoe or boot device.
It varies. Some hammertoe procedures require non-weight bearing afterward for a few weeks if extensive bony work is done, but most of the time you're able to put pressure on the heel of your foot the very next day. Check with your surgeon for specific instructions.
Not long. Following the surgery, usually you are weight bearing right away with a rigid post op shoe or a rigid walking boot.
It depends... I don't keep my patients non-weight bearing after hammertoe repair at all! you will really have to ask the doctor who is performing the procedures.
None. Hammertoes present as two major categories and this includes rigid and nonrigid. Both can be corrected without time on crutches as long this is the only service provided. Consult with your local provider.