What vitamins or supplements would you recommend to combat depression?

Multiple. You can try b complex vitamins, fish oils, and methlyfolate.
Omega 3 & SJW. Eating a generally healthy and varied diet, & getting regular exercise, can help with mild depression. There is some evidence that "omega 3 fatty acids" help depression, and good evidence from europe that the herb st john's wort helps mild to moderate depression. However, depression severe enough to impair school or work functioning (or any suicidal feelings) demands a professional evaluation.

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Which vitamins/supplements should I take to battle depression?

Not by yourself. I often think of questions like this as fear of looking weak or foolish to someone else. However, sadness and misery suffered alone often gets worse. Consider including your doctor in. Maybe a therpist helping you could carry you farther than your efforts alone.
Not regulated. Agree that including your provider in this discussion is the best place to start. St John's Wort may be as effective as antidepressants, but the FDA doesn't doesn't regulate the potency or purity of this or any other supplement. Because of this, it is not generally recommended. St John's Wort also has potentially dangerous interactions with a number of medications (please check with your Dr)
Individualized. First, I agree with my colleagues that you should see a doctor (preferably an integrative one) for evaluation. You might have hypothyroidism, B12 deficiency, food allergies (including gluten sensitivity) etc. And should be assessed for those. Try a B complex with the L-5-MTHF form of folate (folic acid).5-HTP, SAMe, St. John's Wort and Curcumin can help as much as pharmaceuticals but nothing works for everyone.

What is the best natural supplement or vitamin to reduce anxiety and depression?

Check Vitamin D. Get your 25 hydroxy Vitamin D level checked. If it is low, then you may need supplementation. Almost half of the population suffers from low Vitamin D insufficiency which has been associated w/ depression and even psychoses. Low magnesium has also been linked to anxiety. You should consult w/ your dr. To have a full history, physical and labwork done & follow his or her advice.
Anxiety and suppleme. There isn't a body of research showing that any supplement will definitely reduce mood disorder. If you are trying something I always recommend buying smallest bottle so you don't waste your money, and keep a mood diary. FDA doesn't regulate supplements so science is not as good, but even prescribed mood meds work different on different people. St John's Wort might help but may take months.

Do you know any over-the-counter supplement or vitamins that counter depression?

Sometimes. St/ johns wort has been used successfullyby some. Others don't get relief. More to the point is that fighting serious depression alone is very hard, and it's no shame to get help. There are a lot ofkinds of depression so help comes best from someone who is experienced. Consider counseling. Talk with your doctor about what you can do.

Can vitamin supplements reduce anxiety and depression?

For the most part - Vitamins ; supplements don't have a major impact on anxiety. Omega 3 fatty acids can help brain health. Passion flower, valerian ; chamomile may help anxiety. Depression may improve with sam-e ; 5- htp. If there are specific deficencies then folic acid, vitamin b6 ;magnesium supplementation may help.

Are there any supplements/vitamins/minerals that help with anxiety and/or depression? I want to come off my ssri

Many -get guidance. Some supplements have been proven just as effective as ssri's, esp. 5-htp, same ; st. John's wort. Many help anxiety-b vits, magnesium, holy basil, l-theanine, inositol etc. But one can get withdrawals from stopping ssri's ; there are possible side effects ; interactions with these supps so I advise consulting a holistic md- see http://bit. Ly/19pettq also do exercise, meditation ; get counseling.

Which vitamins and supplements can I take to improve energy and help depression?

None. Unless you are deficient, it is unlikely that vitamins and supplements will help you. Occasionally people are low in vitamin d or vitamin b12, which your doctor can check. There is limited evidence about omega 3 fish oils. However, if you are in fact depressed, see your doctor, because you need real treatment-- cbt (cog behav therapy) or possibly medications.

Do you know any non-prescription vitamins or supplements or even foods that counter depression?

Natural treatment. Alternative treatments for depression include herbal supplements (i.e. 5 htp, same and st john's wort) and vitamins such as a b complex, vitamin d and omega 3. There is no diet that will cure depression but eating smartly can help. Limit sugars and instead choose smart carbs (i.e. Legumes, whole grains) and foods rich in antioxidants (i.e. Blueberries, broccoli). Don't forget exercise!