How can I treat vaginosis?

If chronic. Vulvar care is very important. No douching, no introduction of soaps or other cleaning agents between the labia. If you have heavy or long menses taking ocp's to shorten them or getting an ablation may help. Avoid tampons, use only presservative free cotton pads, and use cotton underwear exclusively. Avoiding sugars and using a probiotic- but you may have to go through several to find yours.
Antibiotics. Oral or vaginal antibiotics will treat the initial bacterial vaginosis infection and then taking probiotics afterwards can help restore the good bacteria in the vagina to prevent a recurrence.

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How can I treat bacterial vaginosis at home?

Check up. Bv usually needs to be treated by prescription antibiotics. If you have frequent recurrences, talk to your doctor about possible ways to balance your pH and keep the vaginal bacteria in better balance. Some people used over the counter products such as rephresh or luvena. Some physicians use vaginal suppositories containing boric acid, but these need to be made by a compounding pharmacist. Read more...

How can I treat and cure bacterial vaginosis at home without antibiotics? I was diagnosed with BV and received antibiotics that I finished off, but I'm still experiencing severe pain and symptoms. I have no medical insurance and cannot afford to go back t

If . If you were diagnosed with BV and treated, but are still experiencing symptoms, then there is a good possibility that you have something else besides bv. Search you local yellow pages for low income or free clinics. There are usually free std clinics in every state. They can help you with this issue even if it's not an std. Unfortunately, there is not an at home cure i can suggest without knowing what we are dealing with, however i can tell you if you have any itching or white discharge an over the counter yeast infection cream may help. My final advice since you are in "severe" pain is to find a way to seek medical care. Best of luck to you. Read more...