Recovery time for nasal sinus surgefry?

Recovery. Generally about one week of no lifting, straining or nose blowing. Pain is in general not too bad. Nasal obstruction should improve after first in office post op debridement which should be about one week post op.
Several days. The answer really depends on the extent of the surgery and technique utilized by the surgeon. Traditional fess (sinus surgery) involved more cutting or stripping of the sinus lining which created more bleeding, pain, and need for later cleanings in the office. With the advent of balloon sinus surgery, recovery is almost nonexistent, with slight discomfort and oozing only the first night.
Sinus Surgery. Full recovery from sinus surgery takes between eight to twelve weeks in most patients. Most will feel like they have a sinus infection for a period of two - three weeks after surgery. Most can resume all activities within two weeks, but should limit strenuous activity for two weeks after surgery. See "what to expect after sinus surgery": http://www.Twinlakesent.Com/nasal.Html.

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What will cause a pooling of mucus in the back of the nasal/sinus area. I have it all the time especially in the winter. I do have a deviated septum?

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See E N T doctor. It is time you should see a board certified e n t doctor. Let him/her examine you and treat you. Read more...