Plantar fasciitis both feet hip pain both hips lower back pain right thigh is spasming. Help?

Maybe Orthotics. It sounds like you may have a biomechanical instability in your feet that is passing problems "up the kinetic chain." custom made prescription orthotics, made by a certified lab, under the recommendations of a podiatrist can help tremendously!
Physical therapy. But start with your neighborhood orthopedist and podiatrist. Support and stretching exercises very effective for plantar fasciitis as is cortisone. Important to evaluate and treat the rest of the issues as well.
See doc. See a podiatrist for your foot pain. The back and thigh issues could be secondary to compensation from walking differently. A physiatrist can help and work in conjunction with your podiatrist. Physical therapy can help but you need to find the cause of your pains first and correct and structural issues.