I thought I had a yeast infection but now I have no itching or burning what's wrong with me?

See derm. You should see your dermatologist anyway for evaluation of the area.
Vaginitis. Only 20% of the women that think that they have yeast infection have yeast. You need to be seen and have a wet prep done by your gyn to determine if you have what kind of vaginal infection.

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Increased discharge, different odor, no itching or burning, yeast infection? I start my period next week...

BV? Trich? STD? Vaginal discharge with odor is most commonly due to bacterial vaginosis, i.e. overgrowth of mostly normal bacteria. Trichomonas, an STD, can do it; and STDs are more common in women with BV, especially at your age. Probably not yeast -- the main yeast symptom is irritation and itching, little discharge, no odor. You need to see a doctor or clinic, including STD testing.

If you have yeast infection w/o itching or burning can it cause exssesive thin watery white discharge smelling like yeast & adominal pain?

Discharge. Usually a yeast infection is very itchy and the discharge is thick and creamy. It generally doesn't cause abdominal pain. See your doctor for cultures and treatment. All the best.