I have an allergy to fresh fruit and vegetables. Only fresh. I can eat out of a can, cooked or frozen, but not fresh. Any solutions?

Yes. Oral allergy syndrome is the result of heat sensitive proteins in the fruit or vegetable that your are eating that cross react with seasonal pollens. In general, when the fruit or vegetable are cooked the protein is destroyed and the patients will not have symptoms. Very rarely oas can be severe thus proper evaluation by your local allergists is required to make sure this is nothing more severe.
Yes. This is known as oral allergy syndrome. It is a type-2 food allergy. Raw fruits and veggies cause oral itch, tingle, numbness or swelling, but cooked or processed fruits or veggies are fine. Most times it is due to cross-reactivity due to being allergic to typical seasonal pollens like trees, grasses and weeds. Do not be afraid. See an allergist.