Now that I finished chemo for lymphoma, what meds can I use for RA if lymphoma was related to ten years use of remicaid?

Any. There is limited data to support a treatment decision in this case. All options carry risk. Rituximab would probably be the safest choice in my opinion based only on theory and not trials.
Ask your doctor. Agree with dr. Laccheo. You have a complex case of ra. Less risky drugs may include non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, plaquenil, (hydroxychloroquine) and sulfasalazine. I agree that you should ask your rheumatologist and oncologist about whether to try rituximab.
Ask your docs! This is when your rheumatologist and your oncologist need to talk! anti-ra drugs all increase the risk of certain cancers, so you will have to balance the risks. With RA we try to dampen the immune system, which makes you slightly more likely to develop cancer, particularly lymphoma. But you need to treat your ra! your two docs can educate each other and select the best drug for you.