Scar revision or laser treatment? What's best? For keloid scar, also have a mole on the scar tissue

Keloid Rx. The safest approach is silicone tape/gel (myscaraway, from walgreens/online), steroid/bleomycin injections immunosuppressant/chemotherapyagent) only in pro hands, electron-beam radiotherapy, almost never excision unless radiotherapy can be guaranteed within 24hr after excision. Be very careful or it will be made worse by cutting it! Close follow up for 2yrs+ to monitor for recurrence essential!
Surgery. The best treatment for your keloid would be surgical excision plus steroid injections. The surgical excision would rid the keloid and rid the mole and the steroid injection would help to prevent the keloid from forming again.
Tumor of scar. True keloids are an overgrowth of scar tissue beyond the border of the original scar. They are genetically predetermined and are difficult to treat. I do not know of any lasers that are effective in treating keloids. 85% respond to steroid treatment alone or immediately after surgery. If this fails, then surgery and radiation is only 90% effective.
Scar revision + mole. I have not seen impressive results with laser treatment of keloids but perhaps other colleagues have. Furthermore the mole concerns me even more. If this is new, it should be excised for diagnostic purposes. Otherwise keloid treatment is usually initiated with steroid injections, .