After ressection on a milagnant grade 3 anaplastic astrocytoma is temodar (temozolomide) and radiation the best treatment option? If not what else is available?

Yes . The standard of care is radiation and temador after resection. Since this is an aggressive cancer the alternatives are research trials. But it's been decades and very slow progress has been made. When further recurrence occurs more surgery plus radioactive implants or radiosurgery may be tried but has shown little benefit.
Yes-current norm. Temozolomide+rt is best current option for gr3 pts post-op. Options for recurrent disease (maybe used 1st on study) are based upon older data (pcv, nitrosureas, irinotecan, cytox, platinols) & newer data (? Promising for targeted therapies like bevacizumab, imatinib or gefitinib). Local treatment options include radiosurgery. Thus far, options other than rt+tem seem best suited on clinical trial.
Grade 3 astrocytoma. Yes; that is the current standard treatment.
Grade 3 astrocytoma. Yes; the current standard of care for grade 3 or grade 4 glioma is max debulking surgery followed by about 6 weeks of radiation along with simultaneous temodar (temozolomide).
Astrocytoma Treatmen. The short answer is yes. If the tumor is small enough it may be a candidate for radiosurgery. But right now radiation with temodar (temozolomide) is the best alternative.
Serial MRI scans. You shold discuss this with your surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist. Practice might vary. Also, ask thenm about bevacizumab.