What can cause upper stomach to swell twice it's size, round and hard like a basketball? Not preg., CT scan showed no free fluid/air, enlarged ovary 4 x 4.5 - urinalysis w/ blood, protein and lg leuk

Bowel gas . Once you have confirmed that the ovary is not a concern you have ruled out most of the more serious causes. A bladder infection should not cause those symptoms. A bacterial overgrowth in the gastrointestinal tract with or without problems digesting carbohydrates can be a set up for fermentation and gas production which can produce significant bloating. Start with a good probiotic and follow up.
Upper abdominal . Swelling with a negative ct is reassuring. The UTI is not related to upper abdominal swelling. My vote is constipation, but it sounds like u had oral contrast; the other would be relux, try generic zantac, (ranitidine) get that UTI treated, see what append, good luck.