I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy 16 months ago with hiatal hernia repair. 2 weeks ago I started having esophageal spasms. Should I be concerned?

Not normal. Esophageal spasms are not normal. Not a reason for emergent concern but please follow up with your surgeon and discuss your symptoms. You might be advised to get a barium swallow or upper endoscopy or both.
Esophageal spasm. It is possible that the hiatal hernia repair was done too tightly or the sleeve was made too narrow. That makes it tough for your esophagus to push food down and then you can develop spasms. See your surgeon.
Family practice . Anything that is new should be addressed by the surgeon. He could properly tell you if it's related to your surgery and how to treat it. You may have something else wrong.
Get an UGI. The most common problem associated with sleeve gastrectomy is reflux and associated esophageal problems. See your surgeon and discuss getting an upper GI to study your esophagus.