I have pain in my lower back on the right side, pain on my pelvic bone on the right side, frequent urination, lower abdomen pain, bladder does not emp?

Stone? Do you have a history of kidney stones? The pain in you back and urinary urgency and frequency can occur with a stone that has not yet passed that is in the very end of the ureter near the bladder causing irritation. Also would be worthwhile to have your urine checked for infection.

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Can lower abdomen pain and blood in urine be caused by a problem with womb/overys had bladder and kidneys checked there ok but still have pain regular?

Yes. Your symptoms of pain and blood in the urine is strongly suggestive of endometriosis in the bladder or more likely in the wall of the bladder. Sometimes this is not evident at the time of cystoscopy perhaps an MRI of the pelvis with a focus on the bladder would be helpful. Read more...

I have Frequent urination, pain while ejaculation, some time testicular pain and lower back pain and flank pain form last 2 years.

Possible prostatitis. This combination of symptoms sounds like prostatitis, although the symptoms could have several other causes. There could also be underlying problems helping to cause the prostatitis, such as an obstruction in the urethra. Prostatitis is sometimes treated with antibiotics. Because of the possibility of other causes it would be advisable to consult a urologist about the diagnosis and treatment. Read more...