Bad coccyx pain. Insurance doesn't cover ER visit. So what can I do? To help. Its not everyday n usually when I bend over or sit a certain way. Help

See below. Coccydynia is "pain along the tailbone". There are many causes of coccydynia. If the pain does not go away on its own with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications, consider seeing your doctor. Imaging such as an xray or MRI can look for tumors, fractures, inflammation, etc.
Did you fall? Coccyx pain is most common after a fall. You would need a "donut" for sitting. This type of pain tends to linger. Physical therapy or massage can help. Another good option is acupucture, or even local injections by a physician.
Coccydynia. Not sure what the cause is only the description of where it hurts. Could be from pilonidal cyst, coccyx pain from previous trauma, referred from your sacrum or sacroiliac, and even referred from pelvis or rectum. Sorry not enough detail to really answer how to help.