I sufer with very bad plantis facitiis and am a waitin a oparation can this condion make my ankle swell?

Able swelling. You may be compensating and walking different to reduce the pain in you foot which could cause your ankle to swell.
It is possible. If this is true plantar fasciitis and you find it rather difficult to bear weight on your heel you may be subjugating extra stresses to the musculature and supportive ligament of your ankle and subtalar joint, causing inflammation. However, it is rather difficult to say absolutely 'yes' without seeing how you are compensating your gait and where the exact area of swelling is.
Ankle swe.. My original answer was erased so short- yes w altered walking due discomfort. Find tullies heel cups- otc to help. Bone of heel( talus) after excessive stress at attachment plantar ligament from heel toes creates inflammation at bone and body classifies ( spur) keep it from tearing off bone. Surgery is last resort after all conservative measures fail.