Leukocyte esterase, ua my results were large. It also said "does not show any significant bacterial infection". Am I ok? Or do I need a 2nd opinion?

Culture that urine. . A urinalysis (ua) cannot always identify the presence of bacteria or an infection. Although leukocytes can be present in the urine from other non-infectious causes, an infection should always be considered, and only a urine culture can diagnose or exclude an infection.
See below. Pos. Leukocyte esterase means there are some white blood cells in your urine. I haven't found this test very helpful as i see positive results in patients that only have a few wbc's in the urine and have no uti. If you have symptoms of a UTI ie, burning, frequency, urgency get a urinalysis with microscopic and a urine culture. Be sure the urine is a clean catch specimen(no vag.Contamination).