Does marijuana kill brain cells?

THC and brain cells. I do not believe that thc, the active ingredient in marijuana kills brain cells, but it causes changes in the neurochemistry of the brain, changing how the brain functions. Long term behavioral changes, lack of motivation, as well as the short term emotional changes and euphoria are related to these biochemical changes.
Define "kil" Mj has been shown to decrease iq in teenagers in a robust prospective study from new zealand. It is associated with a 3 fold increase in schizophrenia. It very likely causes neuronal disease in a fetus. It is associated with increased rates of prematurity. It decreases frontal lobe function in acute and chronic intoxicated states. On and on..
Unlikely. We are not seeing the brain atrophy in older stoners that is so familiar in heavy drinkers, or the really nasty behavior. Despite much effort, nobody can say which comes first -- the withdrawal from other fun activities and the supposed lack of motivation, or the heavy marijuana smoking. It's your life, and this is not the place to address the wisdom of the marijuana laws. Peace and love.

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Does smoking marijuana kill brain cells? I've read studies that says it doesnt kill brain cells.

Uh, duuuuude, noway! Well, that's hard to say, but it will probably kill your ambition or motivation for certain things, kill your natural eating discipline, kill your driving skills, kill your ability to focus on the here-and-now and kill your future if you start taking it this young. Save if for when you've matured a bit more and have a better perspective on reality. Experiencing things unaltered will be much better for u.
There is definite ri. Brain especially in younger people is prone to damage from the chemicals (THC) contained in the Mairijuana. So stay away from using this material which can cause mental derangements in some susceptible individuals.
Not so much. There are effects on the brain from psycho-active chemicals. The brain cell death from alcohol, amphetamine, extasy, cocaine, far exceeds that of marijuana. It is probalby not entirely safe and seems to definitley impair memory and learning.
Probably. Still a controversial topic. Http://www. Viewzone. Com/weedfacts/weedfacts. Html http://www. Psychologytoday. Com/blog/ending-addiction-good/201404/studies-show-long-term-effects-cannabis-the-brain http://www. Natureworldnews. Com/articles/2737/20130701/chronic-marijuana-users-brains-produce-less-dopamine-study-finds. Htm http://www. Sciencedaily. Com/releases/2009/02/090202175105.htm.