I am in my second trimester n I have a sprain like pain on my right side of the abdomen continuously for 4 days. Is it normal? How to get relieved?

Round ligament. Musculoskeletal type of pain during pregnancy is commonly due to round ligament pain. This ligament attaches the uterus to the wall of the abdomen, and as the abdomen enlarges, the ligament is stretched. This type of pain is typically located on the side and bottom of the belly, and worse with exercise. If it is very bothersome, you can take some tylenol (acetaminophen) or see your doctor.
Call your OBGYN. It's always good to let your doctor or midwife know about this at the next visit. It is not uncommon to get "sprain like" pains as the uterus stretches and expands to accommodate the growing fetus but you should be examined by your doctor just to be safe. If you don't feel baby move like you did before, have vaginal bleeding, or other serious symptoms, see a doctor right away.