Foul smelling stool; bad breath (milder but similar to stool). Eat fruits, vegs, balanced diet& drink lotsa h2o. Brush regularly. Please help?

Regarding bad breath. There are many causes of bad breath, both medical and dental in origin. See the following website for some more information. However, you will have to see a dentist who can evaluate you for dental causes. In addition, you should see a physician to rule out medical causes and discuss your issues with him\her as appropriate. See: http://smilesapartcosmeticdentist.Com/fresh-breath-control.Htm.
See a Doctor. This is probably not a dental problem. It sounds like a gastro-intestinal problem, and it should be dealt with asap. It could be serious, so you should have it checked out right away. Unfortunately, brushing and mouthwash isn't going to help much if it's coming from your stomach or intestines. These types of issues get more serious over time, so get help right away and see a doctor. Good luck.