I am a type 1 diabetic, I came down with some symtpoms about a week ago, sore throat, losing voice, cough, slight chest pain when coughing. Help!?

Probably benign. Chances are it's probably just an upper respiratory infection or laryngitis or viral infection or cold. Drink lots of fluid, rest up. If symptoms don't improve, please see your doctor for an evaluation and possibly antibiotics. If the chest pain gets worst or if you have trouble breathing, see your doctor right away.
Viral. Likely a viral syndrome, but with diabetics bacterial infection can mimic, or follow. Stay in touch with your doc!
Have it evaluated. A person with chest pain needs to be evaluated and treated appropriately. Multiple possible causes may be: heart attack, esophageal reflux, anxiety, musculoskeletal, pneumonia, pulmonary embolus, and aortic dissection. Have it evaluated right away to prevent potential serious complications.

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I've contracted a cold from a 8 month baby, I've now got a bad sore throat, chest pain and bad breathing and when ever I cough I taste blood.

Blood with ST, cold. It appears you have caught a cold, so treat with fluids and Tylenol for pain, fever. OTC meds for cold as needed, throat lozenges. Also, cold fluids for the broken throat capillary suspected from strong coughing. If blood and coughing persist, see an MD for further investigation or call for virtual appt with internist thru health tap. Read more...