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I'm suffering with back pain, hips pain, heavy burning in stomach, abdomen pain in lower, headache. What could this be?

Infection. Sounds like something you ate. Do you have diarrhea? Blood in stools? Burning when you urinate? Fever? Would advise you seek medical help before this gets out of hand.

I have ovarian cysts on my right side. Is it normal to have calf pain, lower back pain, hip pain, and chest pains, along with usual stomach pains?

No. You may want to look into an alternative source for this pain. The ovaries should not affect your chest or legs, The hip could potentially be referred pain but still unlikely.
Not really. Time for a comprehensive physical exam with blood and urine testing.
Cascades of pain. Our bodies tend to attempt to compensate for pain by shifting demands to other parts. The impact on those parts throws them into imbalance and they can't bear the new burden w/o cost. Hopefully adequate resolution of the original issue ASAP will allow the newer pains to self-correct if they haven't suffered actual organic damage. Please take action on treating those cysts if possible. Best!

Back & stomach pain past kidney issues and just recently went through a incomplete miscarriage and was hemorging for 15 days. Pain in right lower stomach and by hip pain close to ribs and lower back pain and swelling on right kidney and swelling in legs

It. It sounds like you have a very complicated recent past medical history with the incomplete miscarriage and hemorrhage. I am sorry that you had to go through that. With your symptoms in the setting of a recent incomplete miscarriage, your doctor should be aware of the pain and swelling you are having. It would be reasonable to consult with your physician for an evaluation. I wish you the best in this difficult situation.

Lower right side back pain. Have a burning sensation. Pain moves across to stomach and hurts whilst moving. Right side hip hurts too?

Call UR doc. Pain came suddenly, no trauma or sports injury? If pain just appeared and you have NO history of health problems please call doc for check.
Kidney? Without any other history the location of pain could be kidney related. Talk with your parents have them take you to the emergency room to rule out life threatening back and abdominal pain and check your hip out too. Good luck.

I have a slight burning feeling in my stomach and lower back pain expecially when I put on my socks or pants goes into front of left hip close to the?

Lumbar radiculopathy. The fact that you experience the discomfort with flexion of the spine associated with dressing suggests to me that you have a compressed nerve in the lumbar spine. An L4 nerve compression would explain low back pain & pain in the upper left leg, but not really explain the stomach discomfort. Can observe if pain is transient and brief, but if increases in intensity, frequency or duration, see doc.