Hi I took home pregnancy test and it was positive but had ultrasound today and showed no baby please help?

+ urine preg test. It may be somewhat early to see a baby if you have an early pregnancy. Wait 2-3 weeks and repeat the sono.
Tincture of time. Ultrasound can lag by several weeks, especially if it performed through the abdomen and not through the vagina. If you have no symptoms of pain or bleeding then be patient. Be sure to see an obstetrician for good prenatal care.

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I had to at home pregnancy test and a urine test at the office all positive but nothing shows in the sonogram. Why is this?

Various reasons. You may be too early to show up on the ultrasound. If you are less than 5 weeks since your last period the sono might not show anything. If you have had any spotting then an early pregnancy may have been lost. If no bleeding and the blood HCG is over 1000 miu and still nothing in the uterus on sono, the possibility of an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy needs to be considered. Talk to your doctor.

I had my LMP on 09/10/14, missed my period this month, and did hCG with level of 3866. 2 positive home Pregnancy test. NOTHING on ultrasounds. Help?

Too early. Usually at 4-6 weeks after conception you will see a yolk sac or early fetus image- this can take up to 3 months depending on the equipment used. Please call your GYN for ongoing evaluation.