I did the test for herpes 2, and it came:hsv 2 IgG herpeselect ab positive. What is the medication for this?

HSV 2 . A positive igg antibody test (what you had) for hsv means you have antibodies from a previous infection--not necessarily a current one. Treatment depends on how often you break out--if you don't break out often, you may not need anything. There is no permanent treatment to rid yourself of the virus. Your doc can give you the best advice.

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I got a 1.07 for a HSV 2 IgG test. I was positive for HSV 1. What should I do next? Do I have herpes?

Reference range. Is the value 1.07 higher than the normal range for the lab that did the test? If yes, you are infected with HSV 2. Herpes viruses,both HSV 1 and 2, live in the nerve endings forever and a person can pass it on to others even if there are no visible lesions. You may wish to consult an infectious disease specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment. Read more...