Mri :lumbar radiculopathy l4-5, s1, edematous sciatic nerve. Severe leg pain. Epidurals not helping. Do I f?

Surgery. If you have completed a proper work-up and have failed a reasonable period of conservative care ( at least 6-8 weeks ) and you are in significant pain that prevents you from doing your normal activities, then surgery is an option to discuss with your doctor. Check out spine-health.Com.
A Systematic Plan... For dealing with these symptoms may involve sequential epidural and/or transforaminal nerve blocks, physical therapy, oral anti-inflammatory drugs, rest and the possibility of surgical decompression. Every patient, situation, and medical circumstance is unique so conferencing with your care team is suggested.
Question cut off. Your question cut off but if you had epidurals, physical therapy, and meds and you are still suffering, you can get a surgical opinion. Ask your doctor about who is a good spine surgeon in your area-- many are not quick to cut. Good luck.