I'm 21 used chew tobacco for 2 years haven't for 5 months. Pain in teeth and sore throat, small lump in cheek. Is this oral cancer?

Have it looked at. The pain in the teeth is a separate issue. The sore throat could be anything. The small lump in the cheek is the most troubling symptom regarding the possibility of a growth, be it benign or malignant, or even normal. Rather than looking for answers on the internet, see a dentist for an exam and consultation. Congratulations on being able to stop chewing tobacco. Stay with it!
Hard to tell. Without more information. I would suggest seeing an oral surgeon for an evaluation.
Possible, but. Not likely, but possible. You should see your dentist for a consult, you may have an infected tooth that is causing the infection and it may need tx. If it is found to be something else it may need to be biopsied for histological consult to clarify what it really is.