Hcg level dropped from 60-38. Dr said miscarrying. Only small bleeding and minimal cramp for 3 days. Now normal. Just took + hpt. Whats going on?

Dropping HCG=mcg. Sorry. I know it is dissapointing, but miscarriage is really common, even if you do everything right. Hpt will be + until HCG is low. At early preg stage, a drop by more than 10% is not good, may mean you will miscarry. Good news is that this may not at all effect your future fertility.

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Positive hpt. Hcg level 7. Mild cramping and bleeding. Miscarriage?

Maybe . That is a very low hormone level. You'll need to repeat it and see if it's going up or down. If it's going down that confirms the miscarriage. Read more...