I had unprotected sex and never took the Plan B pill can I still take something to get my period?

Depends. There are essentially 2 types of "post-coital" (after sex) contraception (birth control): hormonal pills or copper iud. The pills are Progesterone only pills, combination hormonal pills, or ulipristal. Any of these 3 forms must be initiated within 5 days of unprotected sex.

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I had unprotected sex during the fourth day of my period, I just took the Plan B pill a few weeks ago. Should I take it again or am I safe?

Yes. Plan b 4 weeks ago will ot help you now. You are probably ok but take it again to be safe. And try using some birth control.
Taking Plan B. a few weeks ago - will certainly not reduce your risk of pregnancy now. Don't know how long your cycle is - But ovulation usually takes place about 14 days prior to your anticipated period. Regarding when you had sex - don't count on conception to follow statistics. Would use a reliable form of birth control everytime you have sexual intercourse if you are not ready for pregnancy.

I had unprotected sex about 5 days ago. It was the same day my period ended, but after we had intercourse my period was still going. I took the Plan B pill 24 house after. My boyfriend made sure to pull out. I've bloated for four days, dizzy, and I had h

Tests are accurate. Todays test are very sensitive. They become positive about a week after ovulation. Try repeating the test weekly until your next scheduled period. If symptoms persis, visit your doctor.
Plan B. Plan b is not 100% effective and certainly the withdrawal method is not effective. It could be completely unrelated to your period or pregnancy, but don't make that assumption. Consider getting a blood pregnancy test in about 10 days just to be safe. I also recommend using a condom over withdrawal.

I took Plan B on my first day of blank pills because I had unprotected sex the night before. How many days until I get my period? What happens?

How to get Pregnant? I am very happy you are on birth control. But, the reason we use birth control besides to prevent pregnancy is to prevent unnecessary worry as well. If you are on birth control and taking it as prescribed you cannot get pregnant. You cannot get pregnant during a period. You absolutely did not need to take Plan B as you did. That was unnecessary.

Last week on Sunday I took a plan b pill and yesterday I got my period. Today I had unprotected sex and planning to take a plan tomorrow. Any advice?

Yes. Why wait? Emergency contraception is most effective when taken within 72hrs of unprotected sex but why wait until last minute. More importantly, see your FamilyDoc or GYN about some more regular form of birth control. Better yet, make him wrap it up each & every time to lower risk of sexually transmitted diseases, too. Check out http://goo. Gl/dPifcc & http://goo. Gl/7qqDs2 for different perspective.