I have deteroration in my knees & arthritis, but my other joints hurt, could I have a joint disease?

Deterioration how? Uncertain what you mean by deterioration? There are different types of arthritis. Some can affect many other joints beyond the knees. This could suggest a polyathritis but need an evalaution by your physician who may send you to see a rheumatologist for a systemic polyarthritis. The evaluation would include an examination, possible imaging including x-rays, ultrasound, mri, blood lab.
Possibly. "deterioration" means different things to different people. It would be important to know your age, weight, general alignment of your knee and whether you have had a previous injury or surgery, also is the pain in weight bearing or non weight bearing joints. Too many unknowns to answer this question simply. Visiting a physician who can evaluate these and other factors can help answer this.