I had c5-6 anterior cervical discectomy surgery a year ago. I still have nerve pain in my arms and scapula and can't work. Should I be better already?

May be. Surgery of neck is done to prevent further damage and by relieving pressure give a chance for nerve to regenerate. Regeneration also depends on how much damage of the nerve was there before surgery. Sometimes recovery takes long time and it may not be complete. See your surgeon again, he may order more tests.

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Got anterior cervical discectomy & fusion C5-C6 the 4 of june 2015. I still got pain in my left arm. How many months should I expect having pain?

Depends see below. If arm pain is new since surgery you need images to discover scource if pain is persistant from prior to surgery and completely unchanged with surgery then re image and seek scource if just milder version of preop pain then final results are at about 6 months to a year tesults vary. Read more...