What is considered high blood pressure for a thirteen year old boy weighing 145 pounds?

Range varies by ht. Accumulated data for hypertension is generally stratified by height not weight. A 13yo would be in the significant hypertensive range with a systolic reading of 117-126 (shorter to taller) and diastolic 75-80 (shorter to taller). Add 4 to any reading & the severity increases. It is not appropriate to consider common adult values to be normal for kids!
Depends on height. We use height and age, not weight, to determine normal blood pressures for kids. If his blood pressure is greater than 116 of the top, or 71 on the bottom, he might have a problem. That is 90% limit for even the shortest 13 year old boy. Find out how tall he is, barefoot, and talk to his doctor. His height also help determine if 145 is a healthy weight for him.
Depends on height. Normal values for blood pressure in children is determined by their height, not their weight. For a 13 year old boy a normal blood pressure could fall anywhere between 104-112 for the systolic reading and 60-64 for the diastolic reading, depending on his percentile for height.
Over 120/70. He is almost physiologically an adult and of adult weight. I would really like to know his height to know oh he is overweight though. Typically the number stated above in a normally weighted boy of adult weight is the upper limit I am happy with.
Need height. Standards for blood pressure in children are based on age, sex, and height - not weight.
BP in children. Hi cdonley137. It is important to monitor blood pressure in children, especially if there is a family history of high blood pressure or the child is overweight. In order to give you an accurate answer, I would also need to know how tall your child is. Normal values for BP in children are by age, sex and height. If you can provide this we can help you better. Thanks.
Depends. Values for blood pressure for children depend on age, gender, height and weight. There are tables which list the average value as well as the upper limit of normal (85th percentile). Values greater than the 95th percentile which persist over 3 separate occasions may represent hypertension. If you are concerned about hypertension if an adolescent, s/he should be evaluated by a health provider.
Up to 130 systolic. The blood pressure measurement has two components: the systolic (upper) pressure and the diastolic (lower) pressure. We usually use the systolic pressure to decide if a reading is normal, since the diastolic pressure can be quite variable. In a 145 lb boy the normal range for systolic pressure in the arm is 85 - 130 when sitting quietly. During exercise it is higher.