I hurt my tricep, elbow. Index and middle finger numb. Index finger purp under nail. What should I do? Seen doc nerve test monday. Any other suggestio?

See hand specialist. May be some nerve damage, usually transient. Would see a hand and upper extremity specialist; most doctors unfamiliar with nerves.
Poss nerve injury. It sounds as if you have a soft tissue injury and i assume you have had an x-ray. Do all you can to relieve swelling such as rest, ice, and elevation while waiting to see your doctor. Avoid Aspirin products.
Careful of the nail. The distribution is note classic for a radial nerve injury, which from the location of your trauma is the most likely to have been injured. The purple underneath the nailplate is a hematoma and unless it has drained on its own can cause problems. If you are in alot of pain at that site get it drained soon.
Subungual hematoma. Agree with other docs about being seen. As far as the blood (hematoma) under the index fingernail, you can leave it alone, relieve it with a red-hot paperclip (don't burn yourself) by touching it lightly to the nail; it will penetrate quickly and blood will ooze out, relieving pressure & pain. Or, you can wait until see specialist who may relieve the pressure with a special tool.
Nerve injury. It depends on how severe the nerve injury is. You must see the specialist.

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