Why I have sore throat (throat infection) with pain 5 times in 2 months? And I feel my spite is not clear and there is some little things in it? Thank

Possible strep. There are several causes for sore throat - virus & bacteria - and you may just be unlucky enough to pick them up from your contacts. However, streptococcus is one particular group of bacteria that can hide in your tonsils and emerge whenever your immune system declines even just a little. Check with your doctor and if it proves to be strep, you may need your tonsils removed.
See a doctor. Without a full history and exam cannot begin to even guess at what may be going on. Please go and see your pcp and have them solve this. Good luck.
Tonsillitis . You may have chronic tonsillitis. A tonsillectomy may be helpful if this is the case.