Whats the best remedy for chronic acid reflux?

Reflux. Chronic acid reflux is best helped by keeping track of any foods that exacerbate the reflux and avoid them. Alcohol, chocolate and a variety of foods we take for granted that make reflux worse. Otc tagamet, Zantac (ranitidine) can help with symptoms. Evaluation by a gastroenterologist is helpful to rule out conditions such as barrett's esophagitis which need to be treated more agressively.

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What is the best treatment for acid reflux in children?

Life style. First step for everyone is lifestyle changes, elevating the head of the bed, and if that fails, Pepcid (famotidine) is approved for children. Part of it depends on how old the child is. There are also pediatric gastroenterologist who can help!
Consider... Diet changes and weight loss. Obviously depends on age of child, however increasing epidemic of childhood obesity is a major contributor. Consider ranitidine with your pcps input after lifestyle changes have failed to resolve.

What is the best treatment for acid reflux?

PPI, foods avoidance. Medication in the ppi class such as prilosec. Along with avoidance of certain foods such as caffeine, citrus fruits, chocolate, fatty foods as as as spices...It is best for you to see doctor for evaluation and get proper treatment.

What are the best treatment options for acid reflux.

Acid reflux. Lose weight if you are overweight, avoid night snacks or late meals, eat frequent small meals don't get hungry between meals, avoid all fatty and fried food. Eat always baked and grilled food. Avoid alcohol and smoking, nsaids, Aspirin and other medications that can worsen it.

What is the best and fastest home remedy for acid reflux?

Baking soda. There are multiple over-the-counter products available to treat heartburn but if you are asking about things already in the house then 1-2 tbsp of baking soda in a glass of water would be the quickest, most effective remedy.
Eat well. Changing your diet to avoid trigger foods and sticking to a bland diet is a good start. Sometimes however meds may still be needed and getting checked out by a dr., good luck.

Acid reflux what r best diagnostic tests, treatment?

Fix for acid reflux. Short answer: avoid spicy & greasy foods, tomato-foods, mints, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, chocolate, late night meals before bed. Long answer: distinguish acid versus non-acid causes of reflux & rule out motility problems of the esophagus & stomach. You may want 1st to try behavior & diet changes above, assess response to otc acid blockers (h2's are weaker than ppi's), & see GI doc if persistent.

I suffer from acid reflux, and peptic ulcers wats the best way to naturally remedy my problem!

Go with unnatural! If you truly have peptic ulcer disease, going with the "unnatural" way is recommended. H. Pylori, a difficult to treat bacteria, is a common cause and unlikely to respond to natural remedies. It requires antibiotic and antacid treatment. Once treated, can then proceed with natural ways to prevent recurrence or minimize symptoms of reflux.

What are the best treatment options for both acid reflux and osteoporosis? I have read that many drugs for osteoporosis can cause heartburn and drugs that treat reflux can be harmful to your bones. I have been trying diet changes for the heartburn (somew

Several. Several non-oral medications are now available that bypass the gastrointestinal tract - so they usually do not contribute to reflux. These medications include zoledronic acid (reclast), ibandronate (boniva), Denosumab (prolia) and parathyroid hormone (forteo). I would recommend discussing these options with your primary doctor or make an appointment with a specialist such as a rheumatologist.