Pain/swelling right knee now in both knees, pain up through thighs, now cracking fell on knee 2 yrs ago, what could this be?

Time for Orthopedist. Could be degenerative changes catching up w/you; overuse; new injury...Needs examination and possibly imaging study to see what is going on. See an orthopedist.

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I injured my right knee and now I have swelling in my right upper thigh, what do I do?

Best have it seen to. By your pcp. You could have pulled a muscle in upper thigh or it could just be a hematoma (collection of blood), which will resolve by itself over 7-10 days time. You could apply an icepack, take pain meds and rest the knee would all help. After an examination the correct treatment could be initiated depending on your diagnosis. Good luck. Read more...

Pain just under and back of right knee after a fall, there was a lot of swelling at first but now its normal, can't put pressure on the leg, X-ray normal?

Possible bone bruise. Initial xrays may be negative and still have significant injury to either bone or soft tissues. Persistent symptoms might prompt further evaluation by orthopedist, possible mr. Read more...