I have hypokalemia. Last few days I've been dizzy and muscle weakness to the point I almost fall. Could my levels be low?

Hypokalemia. Yes , your hypokalemia can be causing the symptoms of muscle weakness . Consult your physician to check your potassium level .There are many reasons a person can have hypokalemia , it can be due to certain medications or some endocrine and metabolic disorders. In the meantime you should eat food rich in potassium e.G bananas and oranges and get the work up done for hypokalemia.
Low potassium levels. If you have severe hypokalemia you can certainly have muscle weakness.Given the symptoms you describe, go to an emergency room as soon as possible to see what your potassium (k) level is and to receive treatment there if you need it. You also should see a nephrologist to see why you are troubled with low k levels.