I had cryotherapy and found out I'm pregnant will baby be ok?

Absolutely. Cryotherapy, a procedure i assume was used with you to destroy abnormal cells on your cervix, simply and literally causes frostbite on the cells affected. No chemicals or radiation that could have deleterious effects on your baby are used. The only problem is it could (but apparently didn't) trigger contractions, but is much more likely to occur if the procedure takes place later in pregnancy.
Almost always. While nothing in life is guaranteed, assuming the cryo was successful, it generally does not affect the integrity of the cervix and you should be able to successfully carry a pregnancy.
Yes. Hopefully this was done early in pregnancy (if you did not realize you were pregnant); if so you should expect the "all-or-nothing" rule to apply, meaning that since you have not miscarried all should go well. Cryotherapy later in pregnancy (>24 weeks) is contraindicated because it triggers cervical inflammation that could lead to preterm birth (therapy can wait until after birth usually).